Year 2016 has been rather challenging one compared to previous years.

Things had happened within the family circle while the financial side has taken a huge hit and will continue to do so and lastly, the current job has not been doing well.

So… here were the key happenings in my year 2016 :

– Grandma passed away.
– Mum had surgery.
– Dad is getting old.
– Got back together after that event… but still remain cautious as they say once a cheater will always be a cheater.
– Had three bosses in span of 7 months. So… there goes my performance review, bonus and increment.
– Despite picking up new skill, I am still frustrated with the job due to lack of direction and progression.
– Decided to get a property despite knowingly that I will suffer with bouts of anxiety and sleepless nights for god knows how long due to limited (or none) funds / savings.