Butcher’s Breakfast

A cast iron pan filled with scrambled eggs, tater tots, hams, sausages, tomatoes and mushroom with toasts and savoury jam on the side.

Drunken Frenchmen

Drunken Frenchmen by Fifth Palate – a wonderful combination of French toast, pork bacon, bananas, ice cream and Guinness reduction sauce. It’s probably one of the best french toasts I ever had.


Been liking this lately. I like the combination of warm espresso shot coupled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But the only problem I have is that you got to finish it fast or you’ll be drinking some weird thick creamy coffee.

Prawn Mee

It’s no secret that I love prawn mee (the Penang folks called it Hokkien Mee). My love affection for this hearty prawn-based noodles began since when I was still at very young age. I remember back then that I used to eat it at least once a week. It was two decades ago when there…