Year 2021 Begins

Year 2020 was totally unimaginable for the world. The first two and half months were good. And then, the world was brought to its knee by one really tiny microorganism.

It took time to get used to the ‘new’ normal but I guess I did quite alright for most of the time. I have invested quite a sum because I had the funds (thanks!). I should have taken the opportunity to learn new things/ skills/ knowledge as well, no thanks to my procrastination and laziness.

With the given situation the world is currently in right now, it is rather ambitious to think and plan what I want to achieve this year. But then again, it is not that I had plans for last a couple of years.

Nonetheless, for this year, the year of moo, I shall…

  • stay low and quiet
  • upskill whenever possible
  • cut down on expenditure of unnecessarily things
  • increase the saving and investment
  • and maybe, a new job

From the list, it looks like I am going into reclusive mode. Not too sure if that’s a good thing :/