The Light Sleeper

I could not remember¬† the last time I had a good night, uninterrupted sleep. I could either be dead tired to sleep throughout the night or fallen sick (ie on flu medicine) to knock me out. All I know is that I would take a while to fall asleep as I would toss around to…


I missed the quietness during the MCO. There were very very little automotives on the road and the pollution (both air and sound) was bare minimal. Now that the MCO has been partially/ conditionally lifted, the roads are filled with cars, motorcycles and etc. But that’s not it. I can hear the crackling sound of…

Another Extension of CMCO

So… it has been announced that the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) will be extended… again. This round of extension would last for 1 month/ 28 days instead of the usual 2 weeks. So, the new expected end date will be 9 June 2020.

Plus 14 Days

The MCO/ RMO has extended for another 14 days. I am not surprised by the extension, judging by the daily confirmed cases are still at 3-digits.