Swatch Sistem51

Of late, my obsession over automatic watches has been of the chart. I own a Tissot for a couple of years now and recently, I have added another one to my watch collection. It is Swatch Sistem51. Though it is not widely available yet, fortunately for me, it was launched recently in Malaysia.

It may look like any other Swatch watch from far but upon closer look, it is an automatic watch. As claimed by Swatch, it has 51 parts in five module and it has an astonishing 88 hours power reserve. Combine all those and you will have one fine piece of Swiss engineering watch.

There are four colours to choose from; blue, red, white and black. Although I love the black (plus its leather strap), I chose the blue because it is easier to wear due to the soft silicon band strap. Just like any other Swatch, this one is as light as I expected. The moving mechanical parts, which can be seen at the back case, seem fascinating and fun.

Now that I got this in the bag, I can move on and start saving again for another one in my wish list. But no doubt, it’s gonna take a long, long time.