Prawn Mee

It’s no secret that I love prawn mee (the Penang folks called it Hokkien Mee). My love affection for this hearty prawn-based noodles began since when I was still at very young age. I remember back then that I used to eat it at least once a week. It was two decades ago when there were handful of stalls nearby my neighbourhood which served good bowl of prawn mee. But now, there’s only one stall left.

Prawn Mee by Choon

The photo above was taken at Choon Prawn Mee House (春虾面) in Petaling Jaya. Many claimed that their’s is one of the best prawn mee stalls in Klang Valley. And I couldn’t agree more as sometimes, I found myself travelling far and beyond, battling the traffic just for a bowl of theirs.