In Need Of Rest

I have been feeling tired lately and I am not sure why. Lack of sleep, maybe or something else. Each weekday morning when I wake up, I would tell myself to take a day off some time soon, next week or week after next, to rest my body. I would spend the free day doing nothing but laze around and perhaps catch up with my sleep. But after all those thoughts of resting and doing nothing, I would tend to forget about it and I will repeat the same old process all over again on the next day. Perhaps part of me thinks that taking a day off would be such a waste considering that I would do nothing at all. Such a waste because I have been accumulating my annual leaves for something. Such a waste because the day will pass by effortlessly. Or perhaps I am accumulating them sufficient enough to not work for the rest of December… or most of the month.

Oh… I got my logo up. Yay!