Futsal Session

… and hazy weather don’t go well together. Being constantly breathing heavily throughout the session, one would require as much clean air as possible. But with the ongoing haze situation now in Malaysia (and other countries), I guess nothing much can be done but to go on with the game.

Speaking of futsal, I seriously undermined the intensity of the game. Playing for the first time for one hour has left me breathless… literally. I was panting within 10 mins into the game and my heart was beating furiously. I always thought that playing 2 sets of badminton back to back was exhausting but this one definitely takes the cake. The game was intense and the tempo was fast. That said, I reckon that the intensity and tempo of the game will multiply by few folds if there are better players in it.

Thankfully, the shoes were comfortable and the grip and support were amazing! I didn’t face any issues with the shoes while breaking in… during the game.